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Certified Gynaecologists
On this page, you will find a list of colleagues who have regularly attended follow-up training courses offered and run by the FMF-Germany. These physicians have successfully completed both the theoretical and practical examination and have thus obtained certification in compliance with the guidelines of the FMF-Germany.
For doctors:
If you are certified and do not find your name in the list, please let us know immediately.
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Postal code City Name  
Hannover Herr Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich Degenhardt
30159 Hannover Herr Dr. med. Alexander Arlit
30159 Hannover Herr Arash Ebrahimi
30159 Hannover Frau Dr. med.
30159 Hannover Frau Dr. med. Ulrike Keil
30159 Hannover Frau Dr. med. Zlata Vukadinovic-Nikolic
30159 Hannover Frau Dr. med. Lavinia Zellerhoff
30161 Hannover Frau Dr. med.
30161 Hannover Frau Dr. med. Bettina Kloeppel-Buck
30163 Hannover Frau Claudia Hamma