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The Certification Process of the FMF-Germany

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  The certification process of the FMF-Germany for gynaecologists
It is one of the primary goals of the FMF-Germany to implement first-trimester screening as a standardised and certified method throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland - including an ongoing advanced training programme for all participants in order to safeguard continuous quality assurance.

First-trimester screening is a risk analysis tool for the detection of chromosomal aberrations and other fetal malformations. Given its correct sonographic and biochemical application, it is a procedure with a high level of diagnostic accuracy.
  Attendance at an FMF-recognised theoretical course on the 11-14 week ultrasound scan as well as successful participation in a multiple-choice examination
  Submission of 3 ultrasound images evidencing that the applicant has the ability to correctly perform nuchal translucency measurement
  Practical examination on the applicant´s performance of nuchal translucency measurement / early screening for fetal malformation
  The Certificate of Competence is awarded by the FMF-Germany.
With a view to contributing to the maintenance of the established quality standard, each certified gynaecologist undertakes to subscribe to a quality assurance programme, the so-called AUDIT. This quality assurance programme provides for the submission of specific measurement data, on request also of ultrasound images, to the FMF-Germany, in defined time intervals of 12 months. If the review of such measured values and/or of 3 submitted ultrasound images shows that they are of less-than-optimum quality, the re-award of the licence will be subject to the applicant`s attendance of re-training courses.